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What We Do


The partnership supports land managers by providing co-ordinated advice:


-        either on a one to one on farm basis; or

-        at themed events and workshops.


We cover:


-        the storage, handling and application of pesticides, fertilisers and manure;

-        soil management;

-        water course protection;

-        environmental stewardship;  and

-        general farm environmental management.



Steering Group


We hold a steering group meeting every three to four months.  Current members include:


-        Catchment Sensitive Farming

-        Essex & Suffolk Water

-        Environment Agency

-        River Waveney Trust

-        Frontier

-        Agrivice

-        Farmacy

-        FWAG

-        Local farmers

-        Broadland Catchment Partnership


We agree a work plan based on what each of the partners and other initiatives would lke to cover.  This is informed in part by a review of water quality data and new regulation and by farmer and agronomist members on the steering group.





CSF in partnership with the River Waveney Catchment Partnership prepare and send out a newsletter every four to six months to farmers and agronomists in the Waveney catchment.  If you are not receiving this but would like to, please contact Robert Camps robert.camps@naturalengland.org.uk or

Ian Skinner ian.skinner@nwl.co.uk


All newsletters will be saved on the newsletters page of this website.